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Emigration Training

Lord's Move to Europe (LME), Living Stream Ministry (LSM), and the Full-Time training in Anaheim (FTTA) will conduct a 24-day emigration training from July 12 through August 4, 2017. The training will be held in Anaheim, California.

This training is for those saints, regardless of their country of origin, who are burdened and are seriously considering emigrating to serve long term in Europe, with the focus and emphasis being on Germany. Those who are burdened to serve full time, including FTT and FTTA-XB graduates; those who plan to emigrate and open their home while working at a job; those who intend to emigrate as students; and those who plan to retire in Europe are encouraged to apply. The purpose of the training is to provide an environment in which the trainees can be blended together and also to impart a vision of the Lord's move and of the life and work needed to carry out this move in Europe, especially in Germany.

Participation in the entire 24-day training is strongly recommended for all applicants, especially for those who plan to emigrate in 2017. However, exceptions can be made for those who plan to emigrate as students and for full-time trainees who will emigrate or will attend the FTTA Boston Extension in the fall of 2017. The entire training will be conducted in English. Only those who can speak and understand English at an intermediate level should apply.

The cost of the entire 24 days of the training will be $650.00 per person for trainees who will stay in housing and eat all meals that are provided by the training, and $350.00 per person for those who will provide their own housing and eat only the lunch meal provided by the training.

Instructions for Application

Each applicant must submit an application and a heath questionnaire. In order to be considered complete, each application must be accompanied by an elder's recommendation, which should be submitted directly by an elder or a responsible brother who knows the applicant well.

All applications should be submitted by June 11, 2017. Applications submitted later than this date will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

In order to submit an application, click on the appropriate link on this page. An online form will open in a new tab in your browser. Be sure to fill out all sections of the application that pertain to you. Submit your application after you have provided all the requested information. Information requested in a box marked by an asterisk (*) is required. Click "Save for later" if you want to save the information that you have already entered and return to complete your application later. IMPORTANT: make sure you save the link that is provided so that you can use it to return to your application at a later time. To return to your application, paste the provided link into your browser's address bar. After you submit your application, a copy of your completed application will be sent to you by email. Please email or give a copy to the elders or responsible brothers who will provide your recommendation.

Instructions for Elder’s Recommendation

Elders and responsible brothers who have been asked to provide a recommendation for a training applicant should click on the “Elder's Recommendation” link on this page to open an online form. They should then fill out the form and submit it to the training.

Important: The recommendation by the elders or responsible brothers should be filled out and submitted online separate from the application. An application will be considered complete ONLY after this recommendation has been received by LME.
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